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Email and Live Chat

When you choose Qbithub for your customer support needs, we understand how essential it is to feel the nerve of your customers and address their concerns precisely. Our team of professionals have undergone an intensive training process to have a thorough understanding of how different industries function. Backed by years of experience in customer service, they provide proficient responses to emails and address customer queries just as professionally as you would, if you were to answer them.

The Qbithub Support

  • We are equipped to handle heavy volumes of non-voice support ensuring that the emails and chats are answered quickly and with precision

  • We offer reliable services with quick response time

  • Our customer-centric approach reflects in the support we offer to your customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Sound domain expertise equips us to handle a diverse range of issues and provide prompt responses

  • Knowledge based FAQs are periodically updated and they help in providing precise responses

  • Exclusive helpdesk for every client comprising trained staff

  • Regular reporting to clients in a professional manner

The Qbithub Edge

  • Quick turnaround

  • Error-free responses

  • Use of easy to decipher language

  • Proactive approach

  • 40-60% reduced cost on outsourcing

  • 24 * 7 Support

  • Skilled Support Staff

  • Tried and tested methodologies guarantee optimum performance

  • Quantifiable metrics for quality process and performance

  • Learning curve effect

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